Media Advertising

Delivering the message of a product or service to the right people at the right time and at the right place is the basic aim of the marketing and promotion efforts. A variety of online and offline media are used these days to deliver the message of a product or service to the existing and potential customers. Nowadays, businesses face diminishing advertising budgets which make them choose a less costly advertising method. That is why; selecting a media is an important decision for a business.

Media Planning

What media can deliver the best user engagement? What media always proves to be the best? There are plenty of such confusing questions that keep bugging us all the time. There are many options for media advertising these days. How to select media? Media planning is a service generally offered by media agencies. Media agencies are specialized agencies that know how to get the best out of the media. First of all, the make a comprehensive
media plan and then implement it to get the desired results.

Media Buying

Advertising management involves different activities aimed at achieving the marketing objectives for a brand. Buying media is one of the most important activities. Again, buying the right media is crucial to get the desired results. Media buying also involves the negotiation of prices for advertisements and the life of the advertisement campaign. One of our media buying experts can assist you in buying media. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding media buying.

Email Marketing

There are different methods of marketing on the internet. Some marketing methods on the internet are new, and some are old. Email marketing is one of the oldest and important marketing methods on the internet. Email marketing has changed in recent years. The most famous email accounts provider “Gmail” has updated its email sorting method recently. Old-style email marketing does not work these days. It takes hard work from a dedicated team to make an email marketing campaign successful.

SMS Marketing

Almost every adult now has a cell phone. SMS remains an important method of communication among people of all ages. This gives rise to the concept of SMS marketing. Companies can send SMS with advertisements to subscribers of a telecom company. SMS marketing is increasing at a fast speed and companies that use it are getting benefited.

Programmatic Media Buying

Each year, online advertising comes across new trends. In other words, new methods are introduced to make advertising more meaningful and responsive. The technique of programmatic buying has been introduced recently to reform the media and advertising industry. Media agencies are now making partnerships with companies that have access to ad exchanges. On the other hand, some media agencies are trying to make their own ad exchanges network. This media buying technique is very helpful for marketers and media agencies.

Medical Practice Start-up

End to End Planning, Set-up & Implementation Services

Ready to Start Your Own Practice?

Signify offers a complete end to end service where we help you decide the right location for your practice! Handle business registrations & negotiations! find the right vendor for your needs! and even help you bring in customers! Call us now for a FREE consultation with one of our HealthCare Consultants. + (425) 420 5810

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Marketing Services

Signify can help you design & implement your marketing strategy that make your business stand out!

Make Your Business Stand Out

Need help growing your business? Our experts in Digital HealthCare Marketing can help you build long-lasting customer flow, with a marketing strategy that fits your needs. whether you are looking for short-term lead generation or claiming your rank on search engines. We can help you achieve your business goals!

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Practice Management

Looking to hire a practice Manager? Let us do it for you!

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Signify is the answer to your problems. We extend our expert services to help you run your day to day operations smoothly.

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Digital Marketing

Signify has experts in the area's of SEO, SMO, & PPC

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Looking to make a strong presence online? Let us guide you through it! Our digital marketing experts can customize a solution that best fits your needs. let it be search engine optimization for branding or lead generation or social media marketing we can help you bring you to the top.

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Powerful Options

Signify's service options and customization options allow you to take control of your business.

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We build intuitive, user-friendly, customized service options so you can quickly and easily build your get projects done.

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Lead Generation

Looking for new customers? Let's help you look for the right solution for you

Long-term & Short-term Lead Generation Solutions

Signify has the top experts in HealthCare lead generation who has time and again proven their skill to help clients build lead generation modules for their practice. Call Us Now for a FREE Consultation with one of our experts to learn more! +1 (425) 420 5810

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