Search Engine Optimization

SEO offers a visible and effective search presence leading to a considerable increase in sales, profitability, and cost efficiency for our Clients!

Core Seo Services

Our search engine optimization core services include Organic Search, On-Page SEO, Link Building, Keyword Research/Strategy, and Activity Report.

On-Page SEO

As a matter of fact, SEO is a combination of OnPage and OffPage activities with an aim to increase the search engine ranking of a particular website. As its name suggests, on page SEO focuses on the website of the business. OnPage SEO is the name of a set of activities that aim at increasing the search engine ranking of a website. The taking care of the titles, headings, and URLs; usage of keywords properly; making the website fast and easy to navigate; using videos and images to enhance the user experience, increasing the time on site, etc. are some important OnPage SEO activities. There are much more such activities; if you need to know more, contact us today.

Off-Page SEO/Link Building

As opposed to OnPage SEO, OffPage SEO focuses on websites other than the website of the business. There are many important activities in OffPage SEO but link building is one of the important OffPage SEO activities. Link building plays a pivotal role in defining the rank of your website on search engine results page. For search engines, the websites linking acts as endorsements and search engines such as Google see it with great respect. What sites can give you the most valuable backlinks? What backlinks negatively affect your website? These questions can be answered by an SEO expert. Should you have more questions, feel free to contact us.

SEO Consulting

SEO is an important field of work these days. What kind of SEO guy a business needs depends on the level of SEO work need to be done. Finding an SEO consultant is not difficult these days, but it is definitely difficult to find the best matching SEO guy or firm for your business. A person who delivered good results to your field might not be able to deliver good results to you.

SEO Audit

Search engine optimization is a combination of activities that aimed at improving the search engine ranking of a website. Search engine activities only deliver results if the website is in harmony with search engine optimization activities. That is why an SEO audit is needed before the SEO activities start. A thorough analysis done by an SEO guy for a particular website and industry is called SEO Audit. In a broader sense, it is a comprehensive study that is focused on a particular business to elaborate on the level of competition and things to be done.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the most important players in the search engine marketing game. Keyword research is one of the initial things to be done before the real SEO work starts. As a matter of fact, keywords are nothing but the words that people write in a search engine to find something or someone. Once keyword research is done, it becomes easy for SEO professional to determine the competition level and competitors for each keyword.

SEO Content Development

SEO activities require a particular kind of content on a regular basis. All search engines regard updated websites. Similarly, if a website publishes fresh content on a daily basis, search engines enhance its ranking. That is why; SEO content development is important. The timely provision of SEO content leads to a sustaining and long-lasting SEO campaign. If a company produces a good SEO content, the ranking of the website automatically increases on search engines.

Landing Page Optimization

Companies are pouring billions of Dollars in paid advertising on search engines. Only Google generates about $40 each year in AdWords advertising. The companies doing Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google have to do more besides pay Google for their ads. These companies have to provide brief information to the people who click on their ads so that they could sign up easily. When companies run paid advertising campaigns on search engines, they have some special pages designed to generate sales leads. To be very honest, the design and the content appearing on a landing page either makes you or breaks you. Our landing page experts can guide you with what you need to do to generate more sales leads to fewer dollar spent.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Just spending Dollars on paid advertising and ranking higher on Google is not enough. There is a need to have seasoned search engine marketing and smart copywriters to make you advertising Dollars work. Many companies struggle with low conversion rate despite spending money on advertising and SEO. How much visitors on your site actually turn to your customers? The rate of website visitors that convert to your customers is called conversion rate. You need a particular kind of optimization to enhance your conversion rate. Just talk to one of our SEO experts to know what makes you not benefit from the full potential of the Dollars you are spending on advertising your product or service.

Online Reputation Management

Benjamin Franklin said; “It takes many good deeds to build a reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” The goodwill of a company matters a lot in the real world; similarly, the reputation of a company in the virtual world is also of utmost importance. The reputation of a company on the internet is of utmost importance. A large number of internet users do business with reputed internet companies. It is due to the reason that these people are afraid of any fraud or deception. Let us know how we can manage your reputation or help you get your lost reputation back.

Wikipedia Optimization

One of the top websites on the internet all over the world is Wikipedia. It is an entirely content-based website that is visited by hundreds of millions of unique visitors every single month. Therefore, Wikipedia is one of the largest content-based websites in the world. Wikipedia is ranked very well on Google and other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. If a website has a backlink from Wikipedia, it helps that website rank higher on Google. That is why Wikipedia optimization is beneficial for an internet business.

What you can Expect

Organic Traffic – Increase 83%
Bounce Rate – Decrease 42%
Average Visit Duration – Increase 38%
Pages Per Session – Increase 21%

Medical Practice Start-up

End to End Planning, Set-up & Implementation Services

Ready to Start Your Own Practice?

Signify offers a complete end to end service where we help you decide the right location for your practice! Handle business registrations & negotiations! find the right vendor for your needs! and even help you bring in customers! Call us now for a FREE consultation with one of our HealthCare Consultants. + (425) 420 5810

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Marketing Services

Signify can help you design & implement your marketing strategy that make your business stand out!

Make Your Business Stand Out

Need help growing your business? Our experts in Digital HealthCare Marketing can help you build long-lasting customer flow, with a marketing strategy that fits your needs. whether you are looking for short-term lead generation or claiming your rank on search engines. We can help you achieve your business goals!

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Practice Management

Looking to hire a practice Manager? Let us do it for you!

Cant Find The Right Person?

Signify is the answer to your problems. We extend our expert services to help you run your day to day operations smoothly.

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Digital Marketing

Signify has experts in the area's of SEO, SMO, & PPC

You Can Count On Us

Looking to make a strong presence online? Let us guide you through it! Our digital marketing experts can customize a solution that best fits your needs. let it be search engine optimization for branding or lead generation or social media marketing we can help you bring you to the top.

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Powerful Options

Signify's service options and customization options allow you to take control of your business.

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We build intuitive, user-friendly, customized service options so you can quickly and easily build your get projects done.

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Lead Generation

Looking for new customers? Let's help you look for the right solution for you

Long-term & Short-term Lead Generation Solutions

Signify has the top experts in HealthCare lead generation who has time and again proven their skill to help clients build lead generation modules for their practice. Call Us Now for a FREE Consultation with one of our experts to learn more! +1 (425) 420 5810

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